Angie Evans:
Middays 2pm to 7pm

In order for you to get to know me a little better I figured I would let the ones who know me best tell you.Husband: “She is a lousy cook but GREAT at drinking wine!” (True story) Mom: “My favorite running partner… until she yells at me for cheering on the spectators while we are running”  (My Mom always outruns me)Sister: “She is my best friend. As long as you don’t mind your best friend stealing your clothes…shoes and singing constantly” (That is a sisters job right? hehe )Stepson: “She sings 5 versus of Happy Birthday. Even when we ask her not to she just sings louder!” ( I have recently discovered Auto Tune Apps. My Step kids are not fans hehe)This is much more than 93 Words… I was never much for following rules!